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Hosted By: Adam Minihan & David Niles


The Catholic Man Show is a real, relatable, and often comical conversation between Adam & David where they promote virtues men should have living in this secular world.

The show features 3 segments:

      A Manly Drink: Open, review, and enjoy a manly beverage while emphasizing the virtue of moderation and enjoying the finer things in life that our Lord has given us
      A Man Gear: Showcase a specific item that every man should own in their everyday life and how it applies to living a Catholic life in this world.
      A Manly Topic: A relatable conversation for Catholic men. For example: roles of a husband and father, spiritual leader of the family, serving others in the community, prolife issues and much more.

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The Catholic Man Show – Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent Chad McAuliff

Wednesday, February 8th 0
Knights of Columbus – Chad McAuliff The Catholic Man Show Adam and David had the pleasure of sitting down with Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent, Chad McAuliff. Chad has been nationally recognized by the Knights of Columbus as one of the best agents in the world.  Whether approaching a young family just starting out, a… Read More

Debate: Trent Horn vs. James White – Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?

Wednesday, February 1st 0
Can a Christian Lose their Salvation? The Catholic Man Show Apologist Trent Horn and Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries debate the theology surrounding the topic: “Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?” This debate was moderated by Michael O’Fallon on January 18, 2017. Sovereign Alliance sponsored the event at the 2017 G3… Read More

5 Virtues of Chivalry by The Catholic Man Show

5 Virtues of Chivalry
Tuesday, January 24th 0
5 Virtues of Chivalry The Catholic Man Show “Chivalry never died. The gentlemen in most did. Being male is matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. Being a gentleman is a matter of choice” – unknown How are we going to move forward as men and grow in holiness and strength… Read More

Preparing for the Islays – The Catholic Man Show

Wednesday, January 18th 0
Preparing for the Islays The Catholic Man Show The following was posted on Remember to always drink in moderation. Share in excess. Cheers to Jesus! Human life is tragic.  And while there are, without question, a great many evils we would all wish away in a heartbeat if only we could, to wish away… Read More

Chastity is hard – but it’s virtuous and worth it

chastity is hard
Tuesday, January 17th 0
Chastity is hard – but it’s virtuous and worth it The Catholic Man Show In our day in age, the virtue of chastity is severely under siege. It is nearly impossible to watch television, listen to the radio, or even venture outside in most places without having our sense infiltrated by perversions, lusts, and all… Read More

2017 Beer Release Calendar

Wednesday, January 11th 0
2017 Beer Release Calendar The Catholic Man Show Here is a list of 22 different product calendars for 2017! CHEERS TO JESUS!   … Read More

Rival Sons Drummer – A Catholic Opus Dei Cooperator

Wednesday, January 11th 0
Michael Miley – Rival Sons The Catholic Man Show This show is more needed than ever. In our modern era of gender ambiguity, [The Catholic Man Show] remind us of our innate and necessary duties and longings as men. It takes guts to do a show saying what we all wanted to say, but didn’t.… Read More

G.K. Chesterton and Tolerance

GK Chesterton and Tolerance
Tuesday, January 10th 0
G.K. Chesterton and Tolerance The Catholic Man Show Recently, a Friend of the Show asked about G.K. Chesterton in our closed Facebook group. (By the way, we have a great group of men who are Friends of the Show. We have challenging conversations almost daily. If you want to become a Friend of the Show, shoot… Read More

Office Discipline Expected in 1922

Monday, January 9th 0
Office Discipline in 1922 The Catholic Man Show The following is taken from: Post, Emily. Etiquette. New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company,  1922. Business Office Discipline: A business organization is, or should be, like a military one. You should take as much pride in helping to keep up the tone of the office you work… Read More